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water-meter ultrasonic flow meter
A: ultraD Water Meter

ultraD Water Meters

Superior hydraulic design, no moving parts, zero wear,
aeliminate maintenance.
Advanced ultrasonic technology for precise and ultra
areliable metering.
Extremely wide turndown ratio (R=500).
Ruggedized construction - Fully submersible design (IP68).
Battery powered – above 10 years or up to 20 years life expectancy.
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Transit-time ultrasonic flow meter 
B: Ultrasonic flow meter(Transit-time )

Transit-time ultrasonic flow meter

Intended for clean liquids.
Non-invasive meters.
The highest temperature can be up to 250℃.
Fixed, handheld and portable series for your option.
ATEX certification is available. ____________________more...
heat-meter ultrasonic flow meter
C:Ultrasonic flow meter(Heat-meter)

Ultrasonic heat meter

HVAC, hot and cool water, water/glycol solutions.
Non-invasive clamp-on series transducer and Insertion Series
atransducer are available.
No moving parts, no pressure drop, no need of maintenance.
Optional SD card Data logger output or intelligent GPRS data
trrtransmission.____ __________ ___ __________                                                               ___more...
Doppler ultrasonic flow meter
D: Ultrasonic flow meter (Doppler )

Doppler ultrasonic flow meter

Non-invasive meters for liquid with suspended solids
aand bubbles.
Excellent measuring ability for low flow rate up to 0.05 m/s.
4-20mA,totalizer pulse and relay alarm output are available.
ATEX certification is available.___ __________ ____ __more...
Open Channel and Partially Filled Pipe Ultrasonic Flow meter
E: Ultrasonic Flow meter(Open Channel and Partially Filled Pipe )

Open Channel and Partially Filled Pipe Ultrasonic Flow meter

Suitable for open channel and Partially filled pipe.
Excellent low flow rate measurement ability.
Superior measurement accuracy.
A variety of applications.__________ ____ __ _________ _____                                                                         more...